Experience the power of our strength training classes that combine science-backed workouts and technique-focused coaching in a non-intimidating environment guaranteed to produce extraordinary results.

Our range of programs are designed for diverse age groups and skill levels, from kids to adults. We teach the foundations of strength training to BUILD STRENGTH FOR LIFE. Join us and experience how empowering workouts in the gym give you the power to conquer the world out there.


Strength training for all skill levels and agesfrom kindergartners to adults



  • SAFETY, prescribed weights for each kid every rep
  • Technique focused instruction
  • Proven curriculum taught by expert coaches
  • Structured classes


  • Boost confidence and grow self-esteem
  • Instill habit of working out
  • Less screens, more physical activity
  • Build strength and muscle


  • Fun and engaging... no battles about going to class
  • No weekend commitments
  • No special equipment or uniforms
  • Flexible make-ups


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"My son has participated in many Mighty Movement programs. He learned proper lifting technique in a positive and supportive environment. Thanks to the awesome coaching team, he's become a confident lifter and had a great experience."

Katie S


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"I learned that I love lifting weights, especially bench press! What I like most is that I feel like it's the only place where I can just be me."

Peter B


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"My kid loves it! Perfect class sizes where he gets lots of attention. He notices a big difference climbing that he is getting stronger. Awesome environment, positive reinforcement, and happy coming out of class."

Caroline B



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Your child will have the skills to strength train for life. They achieve this by learning fundamental movements like squat, deadlift and bench press, lifting with proper technique, following a written training program, practicing basic gym etiquette, and learning life skills like dedication and enjoying hard work.

The #1 difference is SAFETY. Mighty Movement focuses on the 3 C’s: Curriculum, coaching, and custom weight prescription.

  • Curriculum: Programming designed for beginners to focus on proper technique and simplest movements at the lightest weights
  • Coaching: Our coaches build your student up, not break them down. Coaches dedicate time to provide detailed instruction with continuous corrections, support students with positive reinforcement, and motivate them to improve.
  • Custom weight prescription: We prescribe every weight your child will lift using our proven formula based on their previous weights and ability. By prescribing every weight, we guarantee they lift the precise amount to safely build strength.

Yes! Our entry programs Little Lifters (grades 3-5), Learn to Lift (grades 6-12) and Summer Camp (ages 8-16) are open to kids at any level. These programs work to build strength and muscle, boost confidence, and instill a lifelong habit for every child.


For kids grades 6-12, your child will likely only need one week in our Learn to Lift program to learn about our gym procedures, coaching expectations and proper mechanics for the various movements and then, quickly graduate to Youth Weightlifting.

For kids grades 3-5, enroll your child in Little Lifters, which is a group of kids of all levels, but each child will be individually challenged based on their ability level.

For summer camp, enroll your child in the appropriate age group for sumer camp and we will divide kids based on skill level throughout the week.

There is no truth to the myth that lifting weights when you’re young will stunt your growth, actually, all the major health organizations recommend starting as young as 8 years old.

Strength training is safe when a child can follow directions to practice proper technique and form.

We start with the lightest weights and simplest movements under constant supervision, then your child can progress to more advanced programs with heavier weights and more complex movements as they grow, build strength, and increase focus.

All training at Mighty Movement is in small group classes. OPur beginner classes have a 6:1 student-to-teacher ratio so that each student is given loads of individual instruction and attention.

In our classes, we provide close supervision at all times to ensure proper technique and appropriate weights are used for every lifter for each lift. This coach-intensive model provides the safest possible environment to learn to build strength.

For kids in sports:

  • Build strength and muscle
  • Gain a competitive edge
  • Reduce injury risk
  • Cross-training improves performance
  • Increasing strength boosts power, speed, coordination, and mental fortitude

For kids who aren’t into sports:

  • Build strength and muscle
  • Structured, productive activity
  • Develop executive functioning
  • Boost confidence
  • Regular exercise they enjoy doing
  • Non-competitive environment

My child is not in sports, will they enjoy this?

Yes, the program is designed to not be like traditional sports. Our program is a no pressure, non-competitive environment where kids get to work at their level to develop a lifelong form of exercise to keep them happy and healthy.

My child is small for their age, will they be ready?

Yes, at Mighty Movement size does not matter! Our program safely builds strength because we individualize the amount of weight each kid lifts for every rep of every movement to ensure your child is lifting a weight that is appropriate just for them.

My child is overweight, will this help with that?

Yes, larger children thrive at Mighty Movement because they often lift bigger weights with ease. Building muscle helps increase metabolism and boosts confidence to take on more forms of exercise and activity.

My child has ADD, ADHD, or is neurodivergent, will classes work for them?

Yes, our patient, professional coaches work closely with children accommodating various learning styles and levels of attentiveness. Our small class sizes allow them to find their place and feel encouraged to be themselves.

My child doesn’t like groups, will they feel comfortable?

Yes, we keep our small group class student-to-teacher ratios under 6:1 to reduce intimidation and overwhelm, which can be especially important while your child is learning a new skill in a new environment.

My child is competitive and comparisons impact their self-esteem, will they get acknowledged for their effort and abilities?

Yes, our coaches employ a positive reinforcement model to encourage and affirm each student’s abilities and progress over time. Our program works to build kids up, which can be super important to children who need validation.


Join us and discover how these invigorating gym sessionsleave you feeling strong, self-assured, and motivated in all aspects of life.