IS YOUR CHILD READY FOR A CHANGE? We’re here to teach your child to safely build strength at a young age!

Our mission is to help kids develop both physical and mental strength, explore their passions, and boost their self-confidence, empowering them to grow into adults who can make a positive impact on the world around them.

Lifters not only build muscle and acquire the skills needed to effectively strength train, but they also instill a positive lifelong habit of working out. Plus, they get the opportunity to connect with inspiring role model coaches who help them recognize their potential and inspire them to strive for self-improvement with dedication and hard work.



Our certified coaches are both mentors and motivators, inspiring kids to work hard and have fun! While we take our responsibility to teach and correct proper movement seriously, our unique strength lies in our ability to connect with the kids, making weightlifting the best part of their day. What sets us apart from other gyms is that students practice under careful supervision with continuous feedback from expert coaches and are provided with exact weights for every lift.


Our curriculum-based strength program is specifically designed to meet the developmental needs of growing kids. Our approach involves continuous monitoring of lift technique and tracking weight for every repetition performed by each lifter. We then gradually prescribe individualized weight increases using our exclusive STRENGTH BUILDER algorithm, ensuring not only safe and effective strength development but also delivering optimal results for each and every child. program that guarantees every kid gets stronger.

Character Development

The physical and mental challenges of lifting cultivates the development of essential life skills such as confidence, determination and pursuit of excellence. Our goal is to build them up, not break them down! By expanding their self-esteem, we kindle the inner drive necessary to succeed in the gym, but more importantly, out in the real world.


Our strength lies in our community! Our top priority is to provide an uplifting environment where each child can reach their full potential. By fostering a non-competitive and non-intimidating environment, we eliminate comparisons among kids, allowing them to focus on achieving personal success.


Meet Neil Allman and Denise Allman, who are on a mission to bring positive change for growing kids. Neil has a mechanical engineering degree with a specialization in biomechanics from the University of Florida, and Denise, a math undergraduate with a Master’s degree in curriculum and instruction from CU Denver, are a dynamic duo taking on transforming youth with strength training.

Neil’s path diverged from an engineering career when he took the bold step of opening a small community gym at the age of 25. Denise, a former middle school teacher, shifted her professional path to support the family business. The Allmans are the proud parents of 5 children and call Denver, Colorado their home.

In 2014, the Allmans embarked on an interesting chapter of their journey, at the time with three kids at their side, they made the decision to sell almost all their possessions to venture off-grid to Koro Island, Fiji. With foraging and rain catchment for drinking water, their family undertook a transformative year. With newfound clarity, they returned to the USA

and a renewed purpose – to empower tween and teen kids to unlock their mental and physical potential.

This mission resulted in Mighty Movement, a program that sprung from how they trained their own kids and founded on a simple yet profound principle – let kids be their authentic selves in an encouraging environment that challenges them to learn fundamental weightlifting exercises and work hard with consistency. The Mighty Movement program focuses on loads of instruction and demonstration so that lifters practice how to execute movements with proper technique and are prescribed appropriate weights to ensure safety and strength development.

What sets Mighty Movement apart is that it is accessible to not only athletes, but kids who might have fallen out of sports or never engaged with fitness or exercise. The goal is to provide youth with an opportunity to build strength, boost confidence and instill a healthier lifestyle to improve the quality of their lives.