At Mighty Movement, our mission is clear: EMPOWER CHILDREN. We achieve this by boosting speed, strength, and self-esteem. Our objective is to cultivate confidence, nurture new friendships, and unlock the potential within each child through our engaging strength training and speed+power programs, even if they’re no into sports.

Our weeklong half-day camps, designed for kids aged 8-16, provide some of the most captivating and effective athletic training. We guarantee an inspiring and transformative experience within a positive and non-competitive setting.



Learn how to lift weights this summer


Increase speed, agility and power


We build them up, not break them down

Join us for an unforgettable summer camp experience full of fitness, fun, and personal growth!

Our programs offer the perfect mix of effective drills along with exciting games that kids love. Each day, your child will enjoy coming back to build strength and increase speed. Being part of a positive environment, developing focus, and learning the skills it takes to perform at their best means you get to watch their self-esteem grow by leaps and bounds… even if they’re not into sports.


Training Sessions

Your child will engage in two uplifting training sessions in the weight room, where our expert coaches teach safe and effective strength training exercises while ensuring proper technique and appropriate weights are used at all times for every lifter.

They will also participate in two dynamic outdoor training sessions, led by highly-trained speed coaches where the foundations of sprinting, jumping, and throwing will be taught. These sessions are designed to help your child acquire proper movement patterns, reducing the risk of injury and maximizing their athletic performance.

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What to Bring

Please bring a water bottle to stay refreshed and hydrated throughout the day. Ensure your child has a bike and helmet, each day your child will transport via bike to and from the field for speed training. We also recommend applying sunblock prior to arriving at camp, if desired, to ensure a sun-safe experience at the field.

Campers have the option to bring their own lunch daily or select from our lunch options, which include gluten-free and vegetarian choices, camp lunches can be ordered for individual days or for the entire week.

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Friday Fun

The week concludes with a chance for your child to put their skills to the test on Friday. Every camper will receive a personalized card to take home, which will show their performance stats from testing. After a day of hard work, we’ll head to the pool to cool off and unwind with a pizza party!

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Unlock Their Potential

Sign-up for multiple weeks and watch your child’s athleticism explode! Campers can use their Friday test results to track measurable progress.

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We get it... things come up!

Transfer to another week at no charge orreceive a full or partial refund.

Cancellations with Less Than 30 Days Notice:

Cancellations made with less than 30 days notice prior to the scheduled date will incur a cancellation fee equal to 50% of the total booking amount.

Cancellations with 30 Days or More Notice:

If you cancel your reservation with 30 days or more notice before the scheduled date, you will be eligible for a full refund of your booking amount.


We recommend that you inform us of any cancellations as soon as possible to allow us to manage our schedule effectively and potentially accommodate other guests.